PlaneWelcome to AeroAngel!   We’re a Denver-based air charity dedicated to providing free air transportation to people with compelling needs and to support the work of other charitable organizations whose mission is to improve the lives of others in the western region.

AeroAngel is a unique air charity that operates in the Rocky Mountain region from its headquarters in Denver.  It is the only nonprofit organization with aircraft capable of operating over the Rocky Mountains and in most weather conditions.  The aircraft will be flown by a crew of two volunteer pilots, who are among a group of commercial pilots that donate their time and skills to help others.

AeroAngel, a 501(c)(3) public charity, supports other air charities that arrange flights by using various high-performance, pressurized aircraft to serve Colorado and adjoining states.

The following are examples of the types of flights to be flown by AeroAngel:

  • People unable to afford air transportation for medical care for which commercial air travel is precluded by their health or unavailable in their location;
  • Children with health conditions unable to afford transportation to a special camp;
  • Volunteers of charitable groups traveling to remote areas to provide medical or to meet other compelling needs;
  • Veterans or their families unable to pay for travel for medical care or other worthy purposes.