Here are just a few of the many Stories of Hope AeroAngel has been part of over the years.



For nearly two years, “Dria,” 4, born without a thymus to kick start her immune system (known as “bubble-boy” syndrome) had been waiting for a life-saving thymus transplant at Duke University Medical Center.

Duke called Dria’s mom, Kayla, on a Wednesday afternoon to tell her that the wait was over, with one catch – travel to Raleigh-Durham from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, by Sunday.

Because travel on a commercial airline flight was unsafe due to Dria’s medically fragile condition, Kayla called AeroAngel minutes later, and with some logistical miracles, AeroAngel was able to find a volunteer crew to fly its jet up to Idaho on Saturday night to be ready to depart for Duke on Sunday morning. After a four-hour, nonstop flight in AeroAngel’s Lear 55, Dria and her family arrived in time for her to receive the life-transforming procedure that week. View News Story



Traveling to distant, life-saving medical care from an isolated small town can be a real challenge, particularly when you're barely hanging on.

Nick, 14, received a bone-marrow transplant in his fight with Leukemia. Over a 5-month span we flew Nick and his parents out to Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego from Cortez, Colorado, once or twice per month for his appointments.

Typically, an early morning flight allowed him to see several specialists, undergo some tests, and yet be home in time to do his homework that evening.



Danica became our first “princess” to fly on AeroAngel's new jet down to Houston with her mom and nurse on a Monday.

Danica, 4, spent the week at Texas Children's Hospital being evaluated for a lung transplant.

She got another AeroAngel Learjet ride back home to Bismarck on Saturday. We're grateful to the AeroAngel Team that made this flight possible.

If all goes well, we anticipate flying Danica back to Texas Childrens in another six months.



Our volunteer pilots flew 2 year-old Rylee and her family from Williston, North Dakota, out to San Jose, California, in hopes doctors at Stanford University could diagnose her rare liver disease.

Like AeroAngel's other passengers, Rylee is medically fragile and can't travel safely on a commercial airline flight. Aero Angel is providing access to specialized medical care that might otherwise be out of reach.

There is a critical need for flights like Rylee's as Children's Hospitals specialize in treating particular, life-threatening diseases.


Kimberly, 15, who has been fighting leukemia, had a bone marrow transplant in 2018. AeroAngel has flown her and her mother home to Columbia Falls, Montana, on three occasions after stays at Denver Children’s Hospital.

We are blessed to have been part of Kimberly’s team during her very tough health challenges. Happily, she’s now in remission and on her way back to high-school track and her pursuit of running a five-minute mile! For more of her amazing story, read it here.

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