About Us

AeroAngel is a unique aviation charity that provides free transportation, primarily to children, traveling to distant, lifesaving medical care. Flights are only provided to those with no other safe travel options, such as commercial air travel or air ambulance. AeroAngel was founded in 2010 to meet an unmet need for transportation, often on short notice, to distant medical facilities for passengers whose fragile or compromised health precludes conventional means of travel.

Based in Denver, Colorado, AeroAngel was founded by Denver attorney and commercial pilot, Mark Pestal. His passion for aviation and a desire to help others led him to create a unique model of using volunteer professional pilots to fly high-performance aircraft, whose owners donated use of the aircraft. AeroAngel’s use of pressurized turbine aircraft allow it to make flights in most weather conditions over long distances. AeroAngel serves the entire continental states.

To augment its use of donated flights, AeroAngel was gifted a mid-size business jet that can reach across the country in a matter of hours. Flown by a crew of Flight Safety-trained pilots, AeroAngel began flights in the jet in October of 2018.

AeroAngel’s Lear 55 is capable of flying non-stop from Denver to either coast, and it has expanded our coverage nationwide.


AeroAngel limits its flights primarily to critically ill children who are not able to fly on a commercial airline flight due to their fragile medical conditions and/or critical care needs.

  • 97% of donations go directly to AeroAngel flights

  • AeroAngel relies primarily on volunteer staff and pilots

  • AeroAngel is recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Aero Angel is the only nonprofit using private jet aircraft and volunteer professional pilots for its flights to Children’s Hospitals across the country. We are providing access to specialized medical care that might otherwise be out of reach.




AeroAngel has provided over $2 million dollars in in-kind services to date.


Years Serving communities

We have been serving communities all over the United States for more than 10 years.


children Impacted

AeroAngel flights have made distant, lifesaving medical care possible for many children with no other safe travel option.

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